*****Big News on MY front!*****

So, I’ve had this book completed sitting on my computer collecting digital dust for a couple years now. I was going through folders reorganizing and I stare at it for the longest time. You see the reason it’s been sitting there is because it’s not my normal writing. Actually, it’s so far outside my writing box, I am a bit nervous to show it to anyone.

However, after some contemplation (and a post on my author page on Facebook) I decided to just go for it. This book will start a series. I’m unsure at the moment exactly how many that will be or when the release will be for this one. BUT, today… Today, I found an editor.

Let’s talk about her for a moment. LMAO!!!!

Keene-Eye Editing is doing the edits on this book that is causing me to jump from one writing style to a completely different one. She just joined forces with Tulip Publishing. If you are interested in enlisting her services, check her out on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

Now, back to the book. The genre, though still romance, is what is causing me to trip up. For I’m about to release my first PARANORMAL ROMANCE. Am I crazy? Have I lost my mind? Should I stick to what I know?

Hell, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I love this story (and the following stories I know will be there) and want it to be the very best it can be. I want to widen my writing and give more to my readers than just what I’m comfortable with.

So, y’all, let’s get uncomfortable together… A paranormal romance is coming soon. Be on the look out!



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