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Can he help heal her scars?

This is a standalone bear shifter dating agency book.

Curvy bear shifter, Viv, has scars. After being attacked by an ex-boyfriend, she went home to the safety of her home town, but Viv wants the chance to find her mate – and love. Signing up to the Fated and Mated Dating Agency seems the safest way to accomplish this. She only wants to meet up with her bonded mate.

Excited to receive a message from another shifter, who says he is her mate, she is left disappointed when she looks at his profile and feels nothing towards him. But is everything quite what it seems?

Mountain ranger, Tad, has seen his sister find her mate, and knows the dating site works. When he sees the profile of the shifter of his dreams, he sends her a message, and patiently waits for a reply. And waits…

When at last Viv and Tad finally meet, she struggles to allow him to see her scars, and admit what happened. Can she allow Tad in, or will they be torn apart forever, when her past catches up to her again?

Suitable for adults only. Contains scorching hot scenes.

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The story was intense and heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Tad was a perfect hero for Viv. Damaged broken and afraid, Viv was trying to move past her past but her mind didn’t get the memo. After meeting on a shifter dating site, she tries to navigate the scary waters that her past had left her in. Tad was kind, caring, and patient with her. Giving her the chance to stand on her own. That is until Viv’s past threatens to end their happiness before it begins. Loved this book can’t wait to read more.



51KlQMEz6HLMae is a bear shifter, although she doesn’t really know what that means, because she has been raised by her non-shifter gran since the death of her parents. Determined to find her mate, she signs up to Fated and Mated, but gets no reply from the man she knows is her mate.

Only when she checks the profile, does she find something is wrong. A quick phone call later, and she is put in touch with Jay, her true mate. Only problem is, they live a hundred miles apart, and she has promised her gran a trip to the beach, and he has to work as a ranger.

But all is not lost when Gran and her friends, Joan and Katie, decide a trip to the mountains will do them good. All that freezing cold mountain air will be good for their poor old aching bones, right?

Jay is surprised when Mae turns up in Grizzly Hollows, but he is still reeling from a death on the mountain. When he sees that one of them will have to make a choice as to where they live, and knowing how attached Mae is to her gran, will he give up his life on the mountain for his mate?

Find out what happens when their worlds collide, and choices have to be made.



Jay was lost inside himself after the death of a man on the mountain. Little did he know his trick on his brother was also a trick on himself. Mae was sweet and suffered from losing herself when her parents died. But she found a life for herself with her gran and her friends. Mae saved Jay from himself and Jay gave Mae the missing piece in her life. It was a very good story of how true love can find you when you’re at your worst and bring you to your best. Can’t wait to read more.



3A standalone bear shifter dating agency romance

A Russian bear on the run, Artem is not sure finding his mate is the best thing for him right now, or her. He has seen what happens when life gets in the way of the mating bond and sacrifices have to be made. However, when he sees his mate on the Fated and Mated website, he has to act. Or, more precisely, he has to hack the site and get her details because he cannot risk putting his picture on the internet.

Curvy tiger shifter, Elina, is fighting to prove her client, Jim, innocent, even if he was caught red handed burning down the local school. She is convinced he cannot be responsible, but if it wasn’t Jim, then who was it?

When Artem turns up on her doorstep unannounced, she is worried he is going to distract her from her job. And when she learns of his past, she is unsure where their futures lie. Especially when the trail for the real arsonist leads to a choice, one which may cost Artem his life. But all is never what is seems.

Contains scorching hot sex scenes. You have been warned!




This killed my heart in my chest. I thought everything was lost. Wow!!! I loved this book. Both characters were strong and independently successful. Their jobs were opposite of each other, even him former job. The case that blew everything up in their faces interwoven in ways they didn’t even know. Full of suspense and lots of surprises. I loved every word.


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