Skye Jones’s Shifters of the Glen series!

This author is one of my top fave paranormal writers. Right up there with Harmony Raines, V. Vaughn, Ariana Hawkes, Dawn Sullivan, Kylie Price… just to name a few. This series I’m about to share with you is completely incredible and I couldn’t put them down and had to move on to the next right away!

51dLyQakw2LResearch scientist, Brooke Buchanan, has agreed to spend a year studying the wildlife of a remote Scottish region. Alone in a wooden cabin with only her dog for company, she is determined not to be scared. What she eventually finds living out there in the lonely woods shocks her to the core.

Sexy alpha wolf shifter, Drew, knows the curvaceous female will be trouble, but he can’t resist her amazing scent. He seduces Brooke, and they spend a hot and sensual night together, but Drew wants more. He wants Brooke as his mate.

Disturbed by all she’s discovered, and overwhelmed by her intense feelings for the charismatic Drew, Brooke panics and runs.

Can Drew find her before it is too late?

*Wolves at the Door is book one in the new Shifters of the Glen paranormal romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers.

**This book was first released in the Shifters Gone Alpha boxset, and has been added to, containing bonus scenes and a new ending.



I was scrolling through Kindle Unlimited selections looking for something that would hold me. That’s when I spotted this book. New author (to me), so I couldn’t wait to get into this one. I’ve never been so glad to have taken a chance on a book in my life. (I think THIS is the perk for Kindle Unlimited I think). Anyway, to the book…

Have you ever had the feeling of eyes watching you? That burning, set you on edge, have you looking around kind of feeling? That is the creepiness feeling that Brooke has upon taking her field assignment in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. As if the feeling of being watched didn’t send the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end, her dog’s unusual behavior would.

Upon finding footprints – no paw prints – outside her bedroom window after being woken in the the middle of the night by odd sounds at her bedroom window, she begins to wonder if there were truth to the tales she’s heard. The sheriff and a neighbor she never knew was even near, her suspicions on her life in the woods becomes more leery by the moment.

However, things went completely crazy when she wakes to a stranger sitting in a chair at the end of her bed. For whatever reason, she finds herself intrigued and a lot freaked out.

Drew is an incredible hero. He protects without knowing if the woman before him is his mate or if it’s the mere cause of who she is. He demands attention yet has this subtle way of calming her down.

But what happens when she freaks out at the prospects of the stories being true and her playing a part in them? Can trouble find her even with Drew as her protector? Can he protect her when she refuses him?

This story truly had me from the very beginning. It’s unique in its story line and in its characters. This book is a MUST READ!

I’m moving to the next one now. Louis deserves an HEA! I hope he gets it.


514pdKC-v5L“Don’t miss this exciting new shifter series from Skye Jones,” Michelle Fox.

When a sexy shifter and a curvy human female meet, the sparks fly.

A camping trip in the Scottish wilderness is exactly what Izzy needs to nurse her bruised heart. But danger lurks in the isolated woods where she pitches her tent.

Wolf shifter, Louis, catches Izzy’s scent and is immediately drawn to her. He isn’t supposed to want the curvy human female as he is the pack enforcer, not an alpha, but he can’t resist her. He defies pack orders to keep watch over her.

When Izzy is brutally attacked, Louis is there to help. He takes her back to his pack and the two of them unleash an intense attraction they find hard to deny. But forces are ranged against them, and they must overcome many obstacles before they can be together.
Can they combine their strengths to overcome the odds?

**This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA.**



OMG! This series just gets betters! Louis is a broken man. A man that lost his heart and purpose long ago, but chose to focus all his time and efforts on his position in the pack. Out for a run, his life is changed forever.

Izzy decides a camping trip with her friends is exactly what she needs. After being hurt by her ‘friends with benefits’ boyfriend, she decided getting away from it all was what was best.

When Izzy went for a run and runs into a scary yet intoxicatingly handsome man, she finds herself having steamy dreams that feel far too real. On another run, she finds a wolf, a huge wolf, that should scare her, but it doesn’t. She finds comfort in its eyes.

But Izzy had no idea that the danger lurking around the corner was not from the wolf, but from somewhere far closer to home. Suddenly, Izzy’s life is thrown into a crazy tale spin.

Forgetting everything felt far better than remembering the terrible attack. Yet, things start filtering back through. She has a pull she can’t describe that throws her back in the path of Louis.

Louis was a broken man before but now he truly found out how far he could fall when he loses Izzy. The couple have many hurdles to overcome but if they can work together, the love they could share could heal even their deepest wounds.

I can’t say enough about this series and it’s only book 2!!! Moving on to Jake’s story!!!


51pdynZmiJL._SY346_“Don’t miss this exciting new shifter series from Skye Jones,” Michelle Fox.

Handsome, confident, and cocky, Jake is one alpha wolf who knows what he wants. Nothing but some no-strings fun. But when he bumps into an intriguing human female during a trip to Edinburgh, “nothing” quickly becomes something he’s never experienced before. Something serious.

Cait never gets the hot guy. Partly, she blames herself for hanging around with two gorgeous supermodel types. So when hot and sexy Jake hits on her in a heaving nightclub, she doesn’t trust his motives one bit. What does a guy like him want with an ordinary girl like her?

One broken jaw, a hostile cat, and some sizzling fun later, Jake and Cait realize their connection runs deeper than either expected – just in time for danger to rear its ugly head and threaten not only Cait, but Jake and his pack, too.
Can they learn to trust one another and join together to destroy the forces ranged against them?

**This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA**

“This is one hot, Hot, HOT story ” Leather and Lace reviews.



Seriously! It takes a lot to have 1 great book but this series us FULL of them. Book 3 held me just as strongly as the previous two did. I can’t say enough on how great this series is!

Jake was sent on a mission to find more empathines. Getting bored, he stops in at a night club when he finds a woman he can’t take his eyes off of.  However, she won’t give him the time of day.

Cait’s tire of men. Tired of them thinking that she was either easy or invisible. She was just done with it all. So as this, incredibly hot guy is hitting on her and not her model like friends, she doesn’t believe he’s any different than the next man. Using her to get close to the prize so to speak.

After being hurt, he cared for her because her friends couldn’t do it. Cait was sure he was only doing it because he was backed into a corner. However, the more time she spent with him, the more she found she really liked him.

But when things finally get steamy between the two of them, Jake freaks out and takes off, leaving Cait with a broken heart she’s not sure will ever heal.

But when danger lurks around every corner – it seems – will the two of them be able to fight through the odds and pain and find the love they both deserve and have searched for?

I’m so moving on to the next one.


51hn4qEuJALLonely, grief stricken, and battle hardened, Boyd is one closed-off and tough pack enforcer. Big, strong, and powerful, he has spent decades alone after the tragic loss of his mate.
Recently, he’s been finding himself drawn to a pretty human female, the lovely Laura, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Boyd doesn’t want or need a relationship, but when danger threatens, his feelings aren’t easy to control.
Laura has found herself pining after Boyd since the day she met him. Normally the one on the receiving end of adoration, she finds it hard to deal with his cool and aloof response to her. But soon she has other worries on her mind as danger closes in on all sides.
The two of them must somehow deal with their feelings and work together to try and overcome the threats they face.
Can Boyd move on from his past and let new found love mend his broken heart?
“Don’t miss this exciting new series from Skye Jones.” Bestselling author. Michelle Fox.
***This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA***

Praise for the series so far:
“Hot, Hot, HOT” Leather and Lace reviews.
“Would give it a ten star rating if I could” Amazon reviewer.
“This series just keeps getting better and better” Amazon reviewer.



No for real! I can’t get over this series. It holds you, sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.

You meet the heroine, Laura, in the previous book as Cait’s friend. The author gives you hints of the connection between her and Boyd, but she also made sure to show that Boyd had no interest in her. Even if there were times he just couldn’t help being with her in the hospital.

Boyd knows the connection between them, yet he doesn’t want it. He feels he doesn’t deserve it and she definitely deserves better than him. So he ignores it the best he can. It proves harder when he becomes such good friends with Cait though.

But Laura isn’t just a woman drawn to a shifter. No, she’s got secrets. She possesses abilities that she never took seriously until she was enlightened by the world her best friend lives in. It is fear that brings her back in front of the heart break she knows she’ll endure at the hands of the  man she can’t forget about. But she goes anyway because she has to talk it over with Cait.

Boyd and Laura are a perfect match, but the only one that sees, well, rather acknowledges it, is Laura. Boyd can’t move past his heart break from the past. But when threats land on the woman he can’t forget about, it forces Boyd to face the truth of what they are together and what they share. But will he realize it in time?

*Sigh* This books (this series) is a total MUST READ!!!! I don’t want to read the next book… I don’t want this series to end :/ LOL


51WIPPucoWLAlpha wolf shifter, Adam, finds himself growing weary of his leadership role in the pack. A week away at the coast, paid for by his family, gives him time to think and throws temptation in his path in the shape of one stunningly curvaceous human female.
Pam isn’t enjoying her vacation one little bit. She doesn’t like being alone, and the wild, Scottish coast can be isolated out of season. Fed up of being stuck in her tiny rental, she braves the local pub one evening and changes the course of her life.
When Adam and Pam meet, they discover a sizzling spark of attraction comes matched with plenty in common, and both find their feelings moving fast.
However, the course of true love rarely runs smoothly, and Adam and Pam have to face his pack, and her bossy friend, before they can make a go of their fledgling relationship.
Can they overcome the obstacles in their way and find their much deserved happily ever after?

“Don’t miss this exciting new series from Skye Jones.” Bestselling author. Michelle Fox.

***This book can be read as a standalone. No cliff hangers. HEA***

Praise for the series so far:
“Hot, Hot, HOT” Leather and Lace reviews.
“Would give it a ten star rating if I could” Amazon reviewer.
“This series just keeps getting better and better” Amazon reviewer.



Adam was becoming complacent in his role as Alpha of the pack. He watched his sons and other members of the pack find happiness, find love. It made him think of his lost love. The mother of his sons. He needed a break. Even with the darkness looming over them, he broke away and left the pack in the hands of his sons.

Pam needed to get away. To be as far from her broken life as she could. Her life seemed empty, aside from her only friend. But her vacation to try and move past all the pain turned out to be a trip that would, inevitably, change the course of her life and heal her all at the same time.

The two have a chance meeting in a pub. Both find they are reading the same book and pushing from the ‘crowd’ in the pub. Each in their respectable corners, with a book and a drink.

Adam walks her home and then asks her for a walk the next day. Pam agrees and finds herself on a whirlwind romance that she’d only read about in books. However, when Adam reveals himself and their connection together.

Pam freaks a little, but not as much as she thought she would or maybe should.

Just wow! This book is incredible, just as the others had been. Adam and Pam’s story was heart string pulling. It left you wanting more, but in a good way. I really hope there will be more in this series. There’s so much I still want to see happen.


This series is absolutely incredible and I hope and pray there are more to go with it. If there’s a series you pick up right now, let it be this one. MUST FREAKING READ!!! If you are a lover of Paranormal Romance (even if your not) you will WANT to read these!!


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