Review for The Mystery of Rose Degan by Lexi Buchanan


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Okay, so, I’ll admit. Lexi Buchanan’s books are a guilty pleasure of mine. Not in the I’m going to keep it secret sort of way. No, I share my thoughts with EVERY book of hers I read! More of a guilty pleasure in that I HAVE to buy every book of hers that comes out. I can still remember the first book that I read by her. I can remember how I ‘stumbled’ across the hidden gem. Let me express how glad I was. It has led me to some of my most favorite reads.

Now, this book, *sigh*…

First, let me express the uniqueness of this book’s story line. It’s a love story within a love story. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. There’re a lot of those out there. But NOT like this, y’all. So NOT like this. In this one, the main love story is made because of the secondary love story. Without it, I’m not sure that our hero and heroine would have crossed paths otherwise. Nor had an ‘example’ to follow, so to speak. Now, that’s not saying that either of these love stories couldn’t stand on their own. Because they so could. However, they flow and grow together.

So, it starts off with the main love story’s heroine, Mack. She is headed to Rose Cottage for the summer with her nephew, Lucas, for a getaway from Boston’s busy life. Melinda and Dan (Lucas’s parents and Mack’s sister and brother-in-law) went away on a European vacation. Lucas is whining about having to be stuck in the car for the couple hour drive it takes to get to Cape Elisabeth from Boston.

This little six-year-old boy cracks me the F-up throughout the book. It’s so funny some of the things he says and the times he chooses to say them. Not only that is the reaction of Mack as she tries to get him to shut up. Ha!

When they arrive at the cottage, that’s when they meet the owner, Thomas. He’s in his eighties and forms a very special bond with Lucas. Never able to have children of his own, Thomas latched on to Mack and Lucas as if they were his own family. I truly fell in love with him. He was kind and broken.

But then as Mack is putting away boxes she stumbles across a diary. In this diary, she reads about the life of Rose Degan. More than that, she reads of her love for a man named Jacob Evans. The romantic in Mack is lost right away in the love that took place around 70 years prior. A real-life account of finding true love when it wasn’t allowed.

The story follows Rose and Jacob until a question leads Mack to try to find the real couple. When she calls a lead, it brings Dean into her life.

Dean, under the guise of checking out the woman calling his grandfather, appears at the cottage across from Mack’s. Both equally caught off guard by the other, a journey neither of them thought they would find.

The highs and lows each set of couples goes through will pull out at your heartstrings. It will make you laugh. Swoon. Cry. I think I was just as attached to Rose and Jacob from 1947 as I was to Mack and Dean from present day.

1947 and present-day love affairs are not all that different. At the same time, they are completely different. The similarities and differences are what makes this story so different from other reads. Mrs. Buchanan takes you on a journey that will leave you breathless and begging for more. When I started, I couldn’t put it down. Even more, I didn’t want to. When the end finally came, I wanted it to continue. Not because questions weren’t answered but because I didn’t want to let them go. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who needs to believe in love again. To anyone that wants to believe in true love. Needs to believe that life can get better even after things seem to be hopeless. To anyone who just wants to feel again.

This book was heart-stoppingly beautiful. As always, Mrs. Buchanan did not let me down. If you’ve never read one of her books grab this one and you’ll be hooked on her work as much as me.

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