The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

Okay so I have actually read this series before… Well, scratch that. I’ve read the first three books of this series before. But I needed a break from lovey dovey (just a small one LOL) and decided to go back to one of my favorite authors, Tess Gerritsen.

She has the ability to grab you immediately in her stories and NOT let you go.

The Surgeon is the first book in the Rizzoli and Isles series. (Books are FAR better than the TV series, just saying.)


the surgeon


Title: The Surgeon

Series: Rizzoli and Isles, #1

Author: Tess Gerritsen

Genre: Medical Mystery, Thriller, Medical Thriller


He slips into homes at night and walks silently into bedrooms where women lie sleeping, about to awaken to a living nightmare. The precision of his methods suggests that he is a deranged man of medicine, prompting the Boston newspapers to dub him “The Surgeon.” Led by Detectives Thomas Moore and Jane Rizzoli, the cops must consult the victim of a nearly identical crime: Two years ago, Dr. Catherine Cordell fought back and filled an attacker before he could complete his assault. Now this new killer is re-creating, with chilling accuracy, the details of Cordell’s ordeal. With every new murder he seems to be taunting her, cutting ever closer, from her hospital to her home. And neither Moore nor Rizzoli can protect Cordell from a ruthless hunter who somehow understands—and savors—the secret fears of every woman he kills.




This books… It drew me in right away. I don’t know that I breathed through half of it! The book starts out from the killers POV. Completely uniquely puts you in the mind of his thoughts and actions. This happens sporadically throughout the book. You kind of get a glimpse of who the killer is before the cops grab on, making you scream at them to look deeper, or harder, or in one case to their left LMAO!

Rizzoli is the ONLY female detective on the Boston Homicide unit. She has a chip on her shoulder from growing up in a house of brothers. All the Rizzoli kids grew up to get jobs in dependable careers. But Jane Rizzoli has always felt she’s had more to prove than anyone else around her. The men in her unit are proving to her just that. Especially a guy named Crowe.

Suddenly, murders spring up around the city of Boston in the heat of the summer. These weren’t just ordinary murders. No they were meticulous and degrading. The Surgeon (which was later named by Dr. Zucker) was sneaking into women’s homes and performing, in meticulous form, surgery to remove the uterus of a woman then leaving them alive long enough to contemplate what was coming, to wish for it, and then killing them. But even then it still wasn’t instant death.

The book follows one survivor, Catherine Cordell, of a similar crime from years prior, Jane Rizzoli, and Thomas Moore. You get to know a bit about all the men in the Boston Homicide unit as well.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’t put it down. The writing is in just a way that you can’t help but feel a part of the world that Tess Gerritsen has skillfully created. You find yourself becoming every person on that homicide squad. You even find yourself trying to think like the killer, even if it’s just so you can solve the crime and put an end to his destructive reign.

It was the first ever book I’ve read by Tess Gerritsen and it has NOT been my last. I’m currently half way through with book 2 The Sinner. So, keep an eye out of the next review.

If you want to read this book you can find it on all major retailers as well at your local library. If you’ve read this book, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on it.

Have a GREAT day y’all. On to the next read!

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