*Promo* Loves Dark Secret by Hunter Marshall

Title: Love’s Dark Secret

Author: Hunter Marshall

Genre: Paranormal Western



Jaxson Wyatt was six foot, four inches of pure masculinity. With his tan skin and washboard abs, he could have stepped off of a western version of GQ magazine. He’d been married once, but his wife, Ciera, died in a car accident, leaving him with two small children to raise on his own. Since the accident, Jaxson would dream of her often. At times, it was as if she were trying to communicate with him, but he wasn’t aware of the reason.

Myranda Hawkes was a five foot, four inch beauty with shoulder length auburn hair. She might be petite, but she could hold her own if she needed to. She had come from a rough marriage that ended in a horrific divorce. In search of a fresh start, she returned to Montana and started looking for employment, landing a position at the Equestrian Center owned by Jaxson and Ciera. Myranda didn’t let on that she knew Jaxson and had, at one time, considered him her best friend. She’d loved Jaxson since they were children, but feared she’d never get the chance to tell him.

Jaxson wasn’t aware that Ciera wasn’t only trying to communicate with him, but with Myranda as well. But, why? Would they ever become privy to what Ciera was trying to tell them?





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