The World According to Vince COVER REVEAL

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“The most adorable tosser you’ll meet this year”

Stuart Reardon & Jane Harvey-Berrick

The World According to Vince, a laugh out loud, feel-good RomCom from the authors of Undefeated and Model Boyfriend is releasing 28th October!

Standalone sequel to Gym or Chocolate?, giving starring roles to two much-loved secondary characters, Grace & Vince.

With British male characters, American female characters, the story is set in the present day in Manhattan where joyful silliness abounds and pandemics don’t exist.

Grace Cooper, corporate lawyer, isn’t falling for the dubious charms of British bad boy, Vince Azzo—but he’s a man on a mission, determined to change her mind—and lower her standards.

When Vince gets arrested, he needs Grace’s help. But not all the drama is in the courtroom.


The only thing I like about Vincent Azzo is that he’s 3,000 miles away.

I don’t care that he’s a gorgeous 6’ 4” slab of manhood with a piercing gaze and blinding smile. He’s always crass and rude and swears all the time, and OMG, his Instagram feed is full of his manhood outlined in briefs, boxers, sweatpants and tighty whiteys—sometimes not even that much. He’s gorgeous, it’s true, and he’s modelled for Armani—what on earth does he want with me?


Grace Cooper is a class act—too smart to fall for my charms, but that won’t stop me trying. She’s a hard nut to crack—corporate lawyer on the outside, all woman inside. She’s not interested in me—luckily, I love a challenge.

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Reviews from GYM OR CHOCOLATE? that mention Vince and Grace…

Rick’s best mate, Vin, had me in fits, swears like a trooper and dishes out dodgy advice like hotcakes and Grace, Cady’s bestie is lovely.”

“I hope Harvey-Berrick and Reardon decide to give us a bit more of this crew. They are memorable and full of life.”

“Vin and Grace need their story too!”

“There are also some awesome support characters that I’m hoping might get a book of their own. Especially the one that “every other word that came out of his mouth was ‘fook’, ‘fooking’ or ‘fooker’.” He had me laughing almost as much as Cady and I need more of him in my life. The line forms here…”

“Add in secondary characters like Vin (fooker seems to be his favourite word) and Grace (as elegant and as spirited as her name) to round out the craziness that is this story.”

“PLEASEEEEEE tell me there’s going to be a book 2…..Vin NEEDS to be hogtied and dragged to my bookshelf! #VinIsMine”

EXCERPT © 2020 Stuart Reardon & Jane Harvey-Berrick All rights reserved.

I grinned at Rick as I studied my reflection in the mirror.
“I am a god and women can’t get enough of this fine specimen of manhood.”
“You’re an idiot, and no woman in her right mind will have anything to do with you,” he said, playing some game on his phone.
“Oi! You’re supposed to be me best mate!”
“I am. The world is doomed.”
I stared at myself in the mirror, liking what I saw. I flexed my muscles, counted my abs, then turned sideways to check out the peachy globes of my amazing arse.
“Hot!” I grinned at my reflection. “Fookin’ hot!” I raised one eyebrow and turned to stare at Rick. “And you were supposed to be persuading Faith to go out with me and that tonight will be fab, but I didn’t notice you helping.”
“Her name’s Grace.”
“That’s what I said.”
“Yeah, well, I can’t help you.”
“Why not?”
“Grace is my fiancée’s best friend.”
I arched an eyebrow at myself in the mirror as I answered him. “So?”
“I like her. I’m not telling her to go out with a tosser like you.”
“Why are we best friends?” I laughed.
“Limited choices.”
“Nah, you love me really, mate.”
“I feel sorry for you.”
At that moment Cady came in from the back garden with Zeus and Tyson at her heels. Tap trailed behind looking sad. She knew that Rick and Cady were dog sitting for the evening and she hated it when I went out.
Rick pulled Cady onto his lap, which was a brave move since she wasn’t a small weight.
“Cady, tell Vince that Grace isn’t interested him,” he said.
“Course she is!” I defended.
“Sorry, big guy,” said Cady with a smile. “She thinks that you’re a jerk—ya know, a knob-head.”
Rick nodded in agreement but I turned back to the mirror, ignoring them both.
“Nah, she’s into me, I can tell. Otherwise why would she invite me to her office party?”
Cady sighed. “I didn’t want to be the one to tell you … wait, I actually really did want to tell you … but she thinks you’re a grade-A asshole, and the only reason she invited you is because her boss told her to.”
“Prime stud, me.”
Cady cringed. “I rest my case.”
I glanced over and grinned at her. She was wearing a red sweater and it really suited her.
“Yer tits are looking nice today, Cady. Very firm and fruity.”
“Oh my God! I can’t believe you said that!” she bellowed.
“Don’t talk about my fiancée’s tits, Vince,” Rick said, his voice a warning.
“What? I was paying her a compliment.”
“No,” Cady said patiently. “A compliment is saying my hair looks great or you like my dress. A compliment is not staring at the girls and leering.”
“I can’t help it,” I admitted. “Your tits are so big it’s like having another person in the conversation.”
Cady slapped her forehead as Rick scowled. “You’re a lost cause.”
“Nah, I just need the love of a good woman to put me on the right track. Like Faith.”
Cady and Rick yelled in unison: “It’s Grace!

Pre-order your copy today!

Stuart and Jane’s Fitness Journeys

Meet Stuart

I’ve had four major surgeries as a result of my rugby career—three operations to repair torn Achilles tendons, and a torn rotor cuff in my shoulder that ultimately ended my professional rugby career. Coming back from injury and surgery is a long, slow process. Keeping a level of fitness during recovery isn’t easy, and rehab after is tough. So for me, exercise and working out at the gym is more than just getting fit, it’s a way of life. And then there’s the completely different issue of getting lean for a photoshoot like for this cover—especially when your co-author is a bad influence and travels everywhere with chocolate. I really enjoy a good quality dark chocolate, and yep, I had to cut that out to drop a few pounds for the cover shoot. Feel my pain?! Connect with Stuart: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter Stay up to date with Stuart and sign up for his newsletter

Meet Jane

For years (decades), I told myself that I didn’t like gyms and even though I joined several with the best intentions, I stayed away. I lived in London and walked four miles a day to and from Tube stations, so that seemed like enough. I often had an aching back and shoulders, and sometimes sciatic pain, too. I put it down to having a desk job, even though I was only in my twenties. When I moved from London to live by the ocean, I began a love affair with swimming—and there’s nothing like swimming in a cold ocean! I walked my little dog every day and felt better, but with turning to writing full-time, there were still a lot of hours spent at a desk. Then I got really sick. The death of my father was a stressful time, as you can imagine, but it became worse when it triggered Rheumatoid Arthritis in me. Suddenly, I was using walking sticks to get around, sometimes a wheelchair, and often crippled with pain. All the usual drugs helped, and I began to regain mobility slowly. But the turning point for me was joining a gym, and realising what I’d been missing out on all these years. Nothing happens overnight, and it was a process of simply keeping going two to three times a week to feel the benefits—and I did. I was happy, my family was happy, even my doctor was happy. Exercise doesn’t cure RA, but it certainly helps. Connect with Jane: Website | Facebook | Facebook Readers Group | Instagram | Twitter Pinterest | YouTube | Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon U.K | Amazon U.S Stay up to date with Jane and sign up for her newsletter  

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