**Attention Authors (and readers)**

Hey to all you beautiful authors (and readers),

I’m starting a #AuthorSupportingAuthors postings on Wednesday. On this day, I share books for authors, their teasers and links, to all my accounts in hopes to help bring exposure to authors and their books. To keep things organized, so no one gets missed, all I’m asking is for any teasers, covers, links to be emailed to my email (pattijeanwrites@gmail.com) or through my website. (Please include a tagline if you have something specific you’d like shared with your post.)

There is no catch. I’m not asking for anything in return. Simply want to help spread the word on books. Readers, you can help support your favorite authors as well. Again, all you need to do is send me a cover and link (or teaser if available) and I’ll put it in for my Wednesday shares.

Look forward to sharing all the wonderful books out there! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Hugs and love to all!

Patti Jean ❤

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