Surprising News!

Hey all you beautiful people out there!

Today I have an incredible announcement. I was just informed (yesterday) about one of my books winning an award. Which book and what award, you ask?

Well let’s knock out BOTH questions in one single pretty little teaser for you. (I like simplified answers, don’t you?)

The amount of JOY and SHOCK I felt when I got the notification can’t even be put into words. I’m definitely honored and humbled to have won this.

As with many authors, you wonder if what you’re putting out there is being received the way you hope for it to. This book was no different. When I released it back on August 28th, 2015, I did so in the hopes to simply bring awareness to something that was personal to me. To help better the world for my son, who Jessa (the heroine of the story) was created for.

However, as a romance author, I need to add in some love and acceptance in the form of our hero, Hunter. He is exactly who I hope my son will find in his future wife. Someone that doesn’t see the flaws that others see, but only sees the greatness that he carries to his very soul.

So many kids (and adults) suffer from a veritable of mental health disorders and are shunned or ignored because many just have never had experience with anyone that carried uniqueness in their blood. My son is one of them unique ones. This story was born from that struggle of acceptance for him. As his mother it broke my heart. Still breaks my heart even as he’s 17 (almost 18) years old.

Think of the simplest thing you do every day. Do you have it? Okay. Good. Now, imagine that simple thing that takes minimal effort on your part as someone with severe depression, Autism, hallucinations, and a list of other mental health issues. Those simply things that we take for granted are harder for someone living with a mental health disorder. I watch as my son struggles daily to understand (and reciprocate) simple social cues that most of us exhibit without thought. Something as simple as getting a new (potential) friend’s name is unfathomable to him sometimes. Being fixated on automotive and not understanding why no one else is either. The list is really endless and varies from child/adult to child/adult.

So, when I sat down to put my son’s struggles into a book, I wanted to make sure I did so in a way that was informative, but entertaining as well. I wanted the reader to walk away with a better understanding and hopefully a story that would stick with them for the long haul. Maybe, if I were really praying here, a new perspective on those who are unique in all that they are.

Finding An Angel actually has two endings. The current reality ending and the hopeful future ending. Now, the alternate ending (the future one) can be read by subscribing to my mailing list. (No, I do not send out 5,000 emails a day. You’d only get one a month and releases or any kind of subscriber only contests, but if possible I will keep those to one email. I hate being bombarded in my own emails so I will not do that to others.) If you want to subscribe to my list, please feel free to do so here.

Currently Finding An Angel is on sale at all your major retailers!

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