**Review** Everlong by R. Raeta

Sometimes you just find a book that you know has become a part of who you are. One that you’ll remember for all the best reasons…” – PJ

Title: Everlong
Author: R. Raeta
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Lily doesn’t remember her death, or even her reawakening, but she knows this: the sun is to be feared, words are her salvation, and—above all—the bench facing the playground is hers. She is the pin holding the hands of the clock, watching the world move and change around her while she remains fixed, lonely and unchanged… until a boy takes a seat beside her.

A slow burn, friends to lovers, contemporary paranormal romance.

As well as Kindle Unlimited

Okay first let me say that I came across this author because I ran a silly game for authors/readers alike on Twitter to sell me a book and in support of #IndieApril I’d buy the ones that grab my attention. This was one of those winners. I began to read it right away simply based on the simplistic, straight to the point, and engaging blurb alone. Let’s getting into the review, shall we?


Let me start by pulling my quote from the top. Sometimes you just find a book that you know has become a part of who you are. One that you’ll remember for all the best reasons. This was one of those books for me. There are VERY few books that can I can say for certain that will stick with me. Don’t get me wrong, I have fallen in love with far more than I can count, but very few that my mind will pull up all on it’s own to remind me of the beauty of words.

As I began to read this book, I was a little concerned in the beginning with the time it was taking to get into the flow of the central story. However, that said concern didn’t stay long. Soon, you get so wrapped up in Lily and Sam that you find yourself holding your breath, waiting to find out what was happening next.

The book starts with Lily sitting at a bench in a park… writing. “I don’t write futures. I only write pasts.” (may not be verbatim. I just remember the line not looking at it.) Lily honored all things she could see by writing how they ended up where they are. She felt it was her purpose to this for all things in her park while sitting on her bench.

Of course her routine can’t stay uninterrupted for long. It has but everything changes. A concerned passerby stops worried for the young woman sitting in the middle of a part in the wee hours of the morning. Bars were closing drunks were falling out… He worried for her. Though the woman hadn’t seemed as concerned as he was.

I loved Sam instantly. He was everything I wanted to see in a hero. Caring but not overbearing. Kind, but not a pushover. Jaded, but not broken. Most of all, what I loved about him the most was his ability to see past what is different to see her heart instead.

Lily is strong. She has a demurred strength that you can sense and feel even in her confusion and beliefs. She’s also far more intelligent than she gives herself credit for.

The two of them blend so well together, you can’t wait for them to cross the line from friends to more… I know I found myself saying “Come on Sam, tell her!” or “Don’t be stupid Lily! You know you should!” I have to say, I love how the author chose to bring them together. The relationship between the built beautifully and then just overflowed leaving the two of them unable to push each other away any longer. No more excuses it was time to face the fact.

I will give ya a cry warning here too. I started bawling in chapter 5 all because of one scene that resonated with me deeply.


It broke my heart and hit me square in my feelers! I can’t even explain but it was wonderful to read a book that pulled me in emotionally! Of course, I was cursing the author for making me cry BUT I loved it. Lily just breaks my heart so much throughout the book. The suffocating loneliness she feels is equal to the love Sam is offering her through both friendship and so much more.

Even as things began to hit the fan so to speak, his need to protect Lily screams through loudly in everything he does.

My heart, however, was then shattered as the resolution to the “fight” came to a conclusion and the story starts to wind down. I will not give away the ending but it just a unique way of ending a book. I’ve never read one that ends this way. That in and of itself is enough to read this book. I, however, wish there was more, but that’s because I didn’t want it to end. I loved all the characters. Not just the main characters but the supporting roles as well.

I cannot express enough how much everyone needs to read this book! I’m thrilled I took the chance and bought this book. This is one author that I will be keeping an eye on. (Side Note: This would make an awesome movie! Just saying!)

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