Penelope’s Paths

Title: Penelope’s Paths
Author: Isabelle Peterson
Genre: Romance
Series: What if

It’s deciding for yourself what’s best for the character and seeing how it unfolds…” – Patti Jean

Is there only one path to a Happily Ever After?

Is one choice, or path, better than another?

After a humiliating divorce, Penelope Pierce is about to try her luck in the dating world for the first time in years. Luckily, she has her two best friends to help her face the singles scene.

Laura, single and loving life, wants to bring Penelope to the club scene. Drink. Dance. Have fun. Nothing serious. Her married friend, Shannon, on the other hand, wants to set Penelope up with a guy from her husband’s legal firm insisting he’s “perfect” for Penelope.

Should Penelope go on the blind date? Or hit the clubs?

It’s up to YOU, the reader.

If you choose for Penelope to go on the blind date… When handsome, confident, British William makes a risqué and daring request, does Penelope rise to the challenge? Or does she retreat? And then what?

Or, If things get hot and heavy at the dance club with the full-lipped, floppy-haired musician, Mitch, will Penelope lean into her desires? Or does she run and not look back! And when she encounters a curious noise in the night…then what?

You, the reader, will make Penelope’s choices, and you will determine which kind of risks Penelope takes and what kinds of romances Penelope gets. Your choices will bring about a wide range of favorite romance tropes and adventures. Most are happy endings, however – as in life – things don’t always work out.

But one of the best parts about Penelope’s Paths… When you get to the end, you can go back, make different choices, and enjoy an entirely different story.

1 heroine… 9 potential heroes… 10 unique endings.
One-Click now and start choosing Penelope’s Paths.

So, I bought this book because I needed something new, something different. When I was younger I used to love the old adventure books where you decided the fate of the characters. So, this idea appealed to me greatly. However, I have read books in the past that have been on this similar theme and it just didn’t hold up to the expectations that I had in place.

This one, however, was not like that. The transitions were seamless and there were several options to choose from and different “paths” Penelope could take. The writing was engaging and I got involved with the story and invested in the characters.

Penelope is recently divorced (well recent to her) and she was terrified of that level of trust and vulnerability that comes with taking a chance like that again. After all when you find out the man you’d been with since high school was not faithful, it digs at your self-esteem a bit.

I loved her. She wasn’t whiny, which I love. Though she’s hurting (and you can see the damage the divorce left on her), she still went out and enjoyed time with her friends even if she wasn’t exactly looking to date. Her friends get her thinking though, one is happily married while the other is happily single. A great full dimensional look at the world through her friends.

But as she begins to question her decision to remain single, this is where the author decides it’s time for YOU to make the decision. I’ll admit, I’ve only done ONE path so far, but I just had to review the book based even on this single back, but believe me I plan to do more LOL.

I chose the path of meeting Shannon’s friends. HOLY CRAP! I never would have expected those turn of events. The way Shannon describes William… I didn’t see his true nature at all! It was very interesting. To be honest, I almost hesitated continuing on this path. It’s been played out so much. However, once again the author gave it a different spin. I truly fell into the worm hole so to speak and finished it out with William. And I’m glad I did.

This book, wow, I highly recommend! Give it a chance. Mrs. Peterson really handles things differently. The continuity of the story is not hindered when making the decisions on the path she should follow. That was important to me. Many of the other “choose your romance” books have not been able to succeed at that. Or they ask the questions at the wrong time and even the wrong questions. I did not feel that with this one. So, if you want to risk it and choose a path to romance, to become a character, this is definitely the book to do it on!

I can’t wait to read more!!!!

**Edited to add**

Okay, I wanted to make sure that I added this to my review. I have since posting this review read ALL 10 paths available for this “Choose Your Own Romance” (aka CYOR). I’m completely addicted to MOST of the characters. My fave beyond faves is Mitch. I didn’t want his part to finish. I wanted more and more. No amount would have been enough for this one for me. Below I will list the paths in the order in which I love them to not so much hahaha… Not saying the “not so much” ones are horrible. They’re beautifully written BUT they’re not “heroes” for Penelope let’s just say. You NEED to read them all to completely understand. Okay so ranking works as follows: One being my fave beyond faves. To Nine (cause one man has two paths) being “Let’s donkey kick him in the balls” LMAO!!!

The Men of CYOR Rankings:

  1. MITCH!!!!! (uh, DUH!! LMAO!!!)
  2. John (he melted my heart in the sweetest of ways)
  3. Ridge (The story of his name is freaking hilarious and he’s so freaking wonderful)
  4. Mike (He loves animals, need I say more!)
  5. Wiliam (Firm yet tender, shiver me timbers LMAO)
  6. Robert (Sweetly rewriting the past)
  7. Kristoff (Oi… I think all women fear this LMAO!!!)
  8. Ben (Captain of the douche canoe!)
  9. Alistair (Let’s donkey kick him in the balls!!!!)

I have seriously loved going through each of these paths. I love being part of the story in a way that makes me almost in control of the character’s destiny. Mrs. Peterson did am amazing job of creating an escape and building excitement for what the chosen paths would lead to.

This book is about showing that love, risk, and vulnerability all go hand and hand. And in order to change what you’re getting, you have to change what you’re doing.” – Patti Jean

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