Penelope’s Paths

Title: Penelope’s PathsAuthor: Isabelle PetersonGenre: RomanceSeries: What if “It’s deciding for yourself what’s best for the character and seeing how it unfolds…” – Patti Jean Is there only one path to a Happily Ever After? Is one choice, or path, better than another? After a humiliating divorce, Penelope Pierce is about to try her luck in the dating world … More Penelope’s Paths

Surprising News!

Hey all you beautiful people out there! Today I have an incredible announcement. I was just informed (yesterday) about one of my books winning an award. Which book and what award, you ask? Well let’s knock out BOTH questions in one single pretty little teaser for you. (I like simplified answers, don’t you?) The amount … More Surprising News!

Christmas Cheer

I love Christmas. I love the whole feel of the world around this time of year. It helps renew my faith in the world. What do you love about Christmas? What are your plans? If you could have a Christmas Miracle, what would it be? Feel free to comment and share your tree. Let’s see … More Christmas Cheer

#authorsupportingauthors Wednesday the 16th Line Up!

I’ll do whatever it takes to win the bet… Even his little sister. #mustread #contemporary #romance #funny #authorshelpingauthors #books #supportIndieAuthors BENSeven days to find myself a wife, or my best friend gets my company. All because of a stupid, drunken bet. Charming a woman into marrying me should be easy. And it would’ve been, if … More #authorsupportingauthors Wednesday the 16th Line Up!

Book Blast Promo for The World According to Vince!

Stuart Reardon & Jane Harvey-Berrick The World According to Vince, a laugh out loud, feel-good RomCom from the authors of Undefeated and Model Boyfriend is available now! A standalone story from the characters in Gym or Chocolate? Standalone sequel to Gym or Chocolate?, giving starring roles to two much-loved secondary characters, Grace & Vince. With … More Book Blast Promo for The World According to Vince!