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Attachments series

Shadowed Attachments #1

shadowed attachments ecoverYou don’t know me, but I’m standing at your door begging you pay attention. See, I know things that you may not yet know. I see things you don’t even know are there. Some call me crazy, and you probably will too, but when you see that what I tell you is the truth… When you see the truth, then you’ll be hunting me. You’ll search for me. You’ll need me to help you understand.
See you may not know this stranger at your door, but you will, and you’ll need me. I came to tell you what I know, what I’ve seen. The rest is up to you. There’s nothing else I can do. I’ll run from you when you stand stunned after I tell you.
You don’t know me, but very soon… you’ll be hunting me, needing me, wanting me. I don’t know you, but pretty soon… I will because you are just like me.
The question that you can’t ask me right now, but I’ll answer anyway, is trust no one or anything. For what you knew was all a lie

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The Day series

The Fall of Tomorrow, #1

the fall of tomorrow ecover

The problem with tomorrow is it never truly comes. It doesn’t exist. No matter how many times you fall asleep, tomorrow will always be there… just out of reach and always changing. Every decision changing the way tomorrow looks, and what it holds.

Katelynn Irwin thought she had everything, thought she was the happiest she’d ever be. But as the days moved forward, the things she was certain of seemed to move further and further behind her. When all was said and done, Katelynn quickly realized that today was the fall of tomorrow.

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Stranded series

(standalone novels, can be read in any order)

Alaskan Lifeline

alaskan lifeline ecover

When a vacation turns into a fight for survival…

An all-expense paid trip on an Alaskan cruise was not something that Erykah Moore planned on taking. Thanks to meddling friends, she was. But when her getaway started out with meeting a rude man on the plane and a drink dumped on her, it seemed it would be anything but relaxing.

Chance Young decided he was finally in a position for a break. An Alaskan cruise late in the season on one of his ships was just what the doctor ordered. Mishaps and a misunderstanding led Chance in a direction he never thought he’d go.

A dog sled ride for two turned to disaster and the start of a nightmare. Forced together, their vacation went from fun and relaxing to a fight for survival. Heat flared in the cold temperatures, but will their nightmare douse the flame?


His Whiskey Sour by Kim Loraine. His Whiskey Sour, an all new ...

Stand Alone Novels

Feeling the Moment

feeling the moment ecover

Life is full of moments. Moments you remember. Moments you long to forget.

I’ve had many moments in my life. Most days, I don’t feel. I don’t live. I exist. Leaving me with another day I wish I could have back. But every moment in my life has led me to where I am right now. To the moment that changed my life forever.

The day I met River Monroe.

Suddenly everything I never thought I’d have, could be a possibility.

My name is Kim Rose.

This is my story on how one impulse turned my world upside down. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling the moment…

And it just might destroy me.

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Finding An Angel

Finding An Angel ecover

There are few moments that I can look back in my life and not see her. She’d been a part of my life from the moment my parents bought the house next door. She was my best friend.

But things changed.

We got older.

Our friendship changed.

We fell in love.

My life with Jessa Rawlins would prove to be the best life I could ever dream of. It will always show me how truly far and hard I could fall. Nothing was boring with Jessa in my life. And I’d take her no other way…

Well, maybe other than here…

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Shine ecover newKrystin Sanders, who had a rough start, always pretended her life was a fairytale, just to fall asleep at night. She’d pretend she had a knight in shining armor out there waiting to save her. As she got older, she knew that fairytale would never exist.
What she never expected when she finally achieved her dream, was meeting a man who did not give up on what he wanted, and Sylas wanted her.
Just as things started heating up between Krystin and Sylas, the unexpected happened. Krystin found herself trapped in the middle of a fairytale she didn’t even come close to dreaming up.
Two men.
She had to make a choice. Fairytales like this didn’t happen every day.
Finally, it was Krystin’s time to Shine.

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The following books/series are currently down but undergoing revisions and editing. Will be LIVE soon!

Hidden Secrets series

Protective Love #1

protective love ecoverEveryone has secrets… How far would you go to keep them hidden?
Kayla Williams knew all about secrets. She’s been burying it for the past sixteen years – and continues to do so. Though her parents and siblings were great, she’d torn herself away from them. She felt trashy, a waste. But more importantly, she doesn’t want harm coming to them.
Jason Gold was a family man. His parents were everything to him. But too many times he’d been taken advantage of because of his big heart. So he’d hardened that soft heart and pushed away the thoughts of having his own family.
When the Williams clan threw a graduation party, neither Kayla nor Jason knew how it would change them. Will Kayla trust a man again after all she has gone through? Will Jason let go of all the hard layers to protect the one woman who could complete him?

Fantasy Attraction #2

fantasy attraction ecoverEveryone has secrets… How far would you go to keep them hidden?
Carson blames himself for everything his sister, Kayla, went through and the guilt is eating him alive. As a reigning kickboxing champion, he could do some serious damage on a good day. Trapped in a self-destructive spiral of violence and anger, a sudden loss of control could cost him his career…until one fated call connects him to a voice that calms the storm within.
Colleen Austin has run as far as she could from a past of pain and disappointment. Fulfilling the fantasies of the men (and women) who call her each night helps to push that past further away. She’s happy with her life and the friend she’d made in Kayla, until one phone call sets her life on fire. And where there’s fire, there’s smoke your enemies can see from miles away.
Colleen and Carson need each other as much as they want each other. Their attraction is instant, intense and undeniable, but can it survive when the real-life secrets from their pasts collide with their present? Or is it simply a Fantasy Attraction that could destroy their future?

Family Ties #3

family ties ecoverEveryone has secrets… How far would you go to keep them hidden?

In front of the camera and on the stage, Mary has it all. She has fame, success, and anything she could ever ask for. But when the cameras are off and no one is around, the story is completely different. Fear, pain, nightmares were all things that Mary refused to let take hold of her.
When Tobey meets Mary, he couldn’t deny the pull between them. But, he has his own dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy someone’s life forever.
Life has a way of showing us that what we have in mind for ourselves isn’t what is meant for us. Will Tobey and Mary find happiness in each other? Or will their secrets destroy them before they can even explore the option?

Tough Love #4

tough love ecoverSome things are just impossible to forget or move past. Jackson (Jack) Williams knew this all too well. There are days that he can bury it and move on with life. Eventually, though, the more you try to bury something the harder it becomes to ignore.
Shannon Mitchell has never had a normal life. Her parents were great, but there were always obstacles that she has had to overcome. Her life was nothing to really write about. The sudden death of her parents left her life hectic, but with purpose.
Shannon meets Jackson when she visits his office. Neither wants to admit they like each other. So they hide it with attitude, arguments and eventually friendship.
Jack will let no one close…
Shannon will let no one in…
How can two stubborn souls find purpose if they closed their eyes (and hearts) through life? What happens when what they push away the most seeps in through the cracks?
Can even stone hearts go soft? Will Jack and Shannon realize what is there before it’s too late? Or will they cause too much harm and seal their lives as they stand, lonely?

Struggling Free #5

struggling free ecoverPicking up the pieces of your life is hard enough, but try to do it with cameras watching your every move. Jacob (Jake) Williams was envied by all. He got all the women, could do whatever he wanted and traveled the world. On the outside, life couldn’t get any better. Behind the scenes, Jake was a mess and falling fast. Every day was a struggle to keep the thin threads of his life from breaking.
Vicky Lancer dealt with the most well-known clients. Her job was to restore her clients to their former glory, but do it all under the radar. Vicky was feared as the tough woman she was, but was also the most thanked. All her clients loved her no mess attitude. Then Jacob Williams walked into her office.
The attraction flared between them despite the instant dislike they both took to each other. Vicky has two rules, will she take a chance and break them for Jake? Will Jake be able to open his eyes from his problems and become the man he once was? Fights, kindness, laughter… all lead to a line they can’t go back from once they cross it. Can they push past the hate and find the happiness they long for? Or will they stay behind their problems and continue Struggling Free.

Falling Hard #6

falling hard ecoverNathan (Nate) Lane never wanted to fall in love. He never cared for the responsibility. Then his stupid heart fell anyway. Mary Williams had captured his attention on the screen and then even more when he had the honor of meeting her in person. Oh, he fell and he fell hard. The only problem was, she didn’t love him. Now he had to sit back and watch the love of his life, in love with someone else. This was exactly why he never wanted to fall in love. Love sucked! He swore he’d never fall in love again.

Kristy Reeves struggled with where to take her life now. Broken and finding her path brought her to a bar. A bar where she meets a guy she can’t look away from. Feeling her liquid courage she approached him. What Kristy didn’t know was that single decision would change her life.

Things spark between Kristy and Nate almost immediately. Neither would acknowledge what they were feeling, but when fate intervenes Nate’s protective instincts kick in, he can no longer deny how he feels about Kristy. Will Kristy and Nate survive the secrets that have yet to be revealed? What happens when Nate discovers Kristy’s secret before she can tell him the truth? Can Nate’s already fragile heart handle this secret? Will Kristy be able to prove that even with being hurt, Falling Hard doesn’t have to be a bad thing if it’s for the right person?

Dangerously Yearning #7

dangerously yearning ecoverDanger Payne Mitchell has many dark secrets. Most of which he’d prefer to stay hidden. Meeting his family for the first time made him realize exactly what they could lose if he didn’t stay away. Even with that thought, he just couldn’t stay away. The thing Danger has learned was that when he had a plan, something always came along to derail it. This time it wasn’t something, but someone.
Kennedy Davidson was running. She was running as hard and fast as she could. She wished she could say from her past, but since it wasn’t over, she couldn’t. Desperate times called desperate dangerous measures. The question was not would she survive her problem, but would she survive the man trying to save her?
Getting out from under what haunts us is not always cut and dry, but when things change in a moment of loneliness, our hauntings seem less intimidating. When you want something so bad and know you’d risk a life to get it, nothing can possibly come out right. When life means pain and love means death, how will you stop Dangerously Yearning for what you can’t have?

18 years or older due to violence, language, and adult content.


our new path ecover

This is a m/m romance novella.

Our life hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been unacceptable by so many. When we met Jacob Williams, we thought he’d be the same way. Imagine our surprise when he not only accepted us for who we were, but treated us no different than his own brothers.

Meeting Jake changed our lives. Though, we figured we had everything we needed as long as we had each other. We never knew that the one thing we longed so much for would be ours. Not only ours, but both of ours. All because of Jake and his beautiful wife, Vicky.

Our names are Paco and Dean Marks. We are bodyguards for Jacob Williams. We’ve been together since we were in high school. But now… now we start a whole new journey with the help of Jake and Vicky Williams.

Stranded Series

Falling In Deep

falling in deep ecover

“Life was an adventure.”

That was what Angie Waters’ group of friends told her when they wanted to go parasailing. For months, she said no. Until her best friend, Jacob Scott, issued a challenge.

Jake didn’t want to go parasailing. He was afraid of heights. Well, not so much being up high, but the falling so far. To keep from looking weak, Jake banked on his best friend, who never took risks… Surely, she’d say no. Imagine his surprise when she agreed.

Parasailing was the easy part. All they had to do was wait for the boat to move and the wind to catch their sail. Any idiot could do that. However, when a sudden storm came in, blowing Angie and Jake way off course and into the middle of nowhere was when the real challenge began.

When feelings began to change, they tried to resist to save their friendship. Their lives were about to become an adventure they would never forget, if they could survive the island and themselves.


DownHill Struggle ecover

Julie Stanton needed to get away. After a heart shattering breakup, she wanted to do something that made her heart beat again. On advice from a friend, she called extreme ski instructor, Quentin Jones. What she hadn’t prepared for was her instant dislike for him or her body’s contradictory reaction.

Quentin needed to finish his house, but funds were coming up short. When he gets a call that would more than pay for his house, he couldn’t be more excited. However, things changed when he finds out who it’s for. Does the money make it worth it? He hated her, but hated himself more because of how his body seemed to want her.

Just when they thought adventure was what they sought; what they got was a fight for survival. To survive the temperatures and to survive each other.

Broken hearts can be mended when you meet the one. But what happens when that one breaks your heart? Will they finally have what they both dreamed of or will their hearts freeze over like the temperatures outside?

A Baby Saved Me series

*This is a series of interconnecting standalone novels*

Surviving the Pain #1


Ember Watson had her life planned out. Fifteen years old and she knew she’d marry and spend an incredible life with her boyfriend. Then he told her that he had to leave. He promised, promised he’d be back for her when he made a name for himself. He never came back.

Five years after the horrific day when she found out the truth about her boyfriend, Sage Jacobs, the pain tried to consume her. It tried to take her down to depths unknown, but she couldn’t afford to let that happen. Even when their paths crossed once again.

Sage wanted a second chance. Ember wanted him to leave her alone. Sage abandoned her when she needed him the most. Could she ever begin to trust him again? Sometimes all we could do was whatever we had to in order to keep Surviving the Pain.

Forbidden series

Forbidden Paths, #1


There are times in our life when we cross paths that aren’t meant to be crossed. Well, consider them crossed.
Faith Harper was a goodie two shoes. All her life, she’s always done exactly as she’s told, even pushing away her one true love so many years ago. That was until she found out that the man she was set up to marry had a whole secret life behind her back. Angry and hell bent on punishing her family, Faith finds herself on a path she can’t get off of.
Logan James has been the dependable responsible man that everyone needed him to be. After a tragedy strikes his family when he was only fifteen years old, he was forced to become an adult. Several years later, he still wrestles with the one that got away. Exhausted and needing something to feel alive, Logan finds himself on a path that he never thought he’d find again.
The problem was Faith and Logan should have never crossed paths. They were not to meet. Yet here they are…again. It can’t be fate, but if it isn’t that… what is it? Sometimes the best paths to walk down are the Forbidden Paths.

Stand Alone Novels

The Fool

Fighting To Stay